Dr. Eduardo Bianco Takes the Helm at ATHP: A Vision for Global Health Professional Training in Addiction

NextGenU.org proudly welcomes Dr. Eduardo Bianco as the new Addiction Training for Health Professionals (ATHP) program director. A distinguished medical doctor and cardiologist, Dr. Bianco holds a Master’s in Prevention and Treatment of Addictive Disorders, showcasing his commitment to advancing the field of addiction. Additionally, he is a Mayo Clinic Certified Tobacco Cessation Expert and has earned certificates in Behavior Modification. With this extensive educational background, Dr. Bianco brings knowledge and expertise to ATHP, positioning the program for a transformative journey in global health professional training. Let’s delve into his impressive credentials and explore his vision for advancing addiction treatment globally.

Dr. Bianco’s extensive experience as a medical doctor and cardiologist has significantly influenced his approach to leading health training programs. His journey began with a keen awareness of the harm that smoking causes, motivating him to study strategies for helping patients quit. Driven by this passion, he initiated smoking cessation programs and later played a key role in shaping Uruguay’s tobacco control landscape for over 25 years. His journey led to the development of a nationally recognized program that transformed into a cornerstone for tobacco addiction treatment in Uruguay.

As a member of the Global Alliance for Tobacco Control (GATC), Dr. Bianco’s international contributions are noteworthy. His involvement in promoting tobacco cessation globally and his leadership roles in various organizations position him to apply a global perspective to ATHP. His aim is to leverage this experience to expand ATHP’s reach and impact in addressing addiction on a broader scale, encompassing not only tobacco but other substances and behaviors.


Dr. Bianco shares his motivation for assuming the role of ATHP Director, emphasizing his desire to use NextGenU’s valuable training platform to enhance global health professional education. His journey from a consultant for the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and World Health Organization (WHO) to ATHP’s Subject Matter Expert and subsequent Director underscores his commitment to making a difference in addiction training on a global level.

In the short term, Dr. Bianco aims to support developing countries in building technical and structural capacities for tobacco cessation and alcohol control interventions. Evaluating this experience will guide the expansion of ATHP’s training to address a spectrum of addictions, including gambling and cellphone addiction. He envisions more webinars, interviews with international experts, and potential in-person training activities, all with a focus on reducing educational inequalities globally.


Dr. Bianco’s significant contributions to tobacco control have earned him international recognition. He plans to apply this rich experience to ATHP, emphasizing the need for personalized interventions tailored to individuals with substance use disorders. He challenges the current treatment paradigm and advocates for a more comprehensive, person-centered approach.

Drawing on his role in GATC, Dr. Bianco envisions strengthening collaborations with global and regional health organizations. Leveraging his relationships with networks like the NCD Alliance and World Heart Federation, he aims to foster successful partnerships that benefit ATHP in achieving shared objectives.


With Dr. Eduardo Bianco at the helm, ATHP is poised for a transformative journey in global health professional training. His passion, experience, and vision signal a new era for ATHP, promising advancements in addiction treatment and shaping a brighter future for health professionals worldwide.

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